Since the sport of football and soccer is the same meaning in Chinese, laymen perhaps have difficulty in distinguishing each other. So let's general learn their types.Types of football cleats
1. High-Top CleatsShoes that go over the ankle to increase lateral support and mostly are used by linemen are called high-top cleats.
2. Low-Cut CleatsThe disadvantage of low-cut cleats is that they provide less support for the foot but are lighter and allow the player to run faster. Low-cut football cleats are popular with the speed positions such as receiver and cornerback.
3. Molded SolesThe materials of molded soles are often including rubber or hard plastic. These are often used in youth football leagues because they include the studs as part of the sole to provide safer than metal spikes and suitable for most types of grass fields.
4. Detachable SpikesSome football cleats have detachable spikes allowing you to switch to different lengths depending on the field conditions. They are flexible. The detachable spikes are made from metal, rubber or hard plastic.Types of soccer cleats1. Firm-Ground CleatsFirm-ground or also molded shoes are the most commonly worn soccer shoes, for example appropriate for most outdoor surfaces.
Firm-ground shoes usually have 12 to 15 cleats on the bottom to distribute your weight and grip a firm surface effectively.
2. Soft-Ground ShoesThe counterpart of firm-ground cleats is called Soft-ground shoes which usually have six cleats that sink into the ground to prevent slipping on wet surfaces. Soft-ground shoes usually feature interchangeable cleats, often made of aluminum or plastic, that screw into the bottom of the shoe.
3. Turf Soccer ShoesTurf soccer shoes which have a gum-rubber bottom to give you the best traction and avoid injury on hard surfaces usually are worn when playing on synthetic grass turf. A lot of the side effects of the modern synthetic grass which haven't been worked out have come to the surface with time passing by, although modern synthetic grass was invented by advanced technology. So I suggest that people playing on this kind of synthetic turf should wear molded cleats that have a wider, more tapered stud. You can pick a pair of Predators Cleats from Adidas Soccer Cleats which provide abundant options for you to select.
4. Running ShoesA good pair of running shoes can be used in many situations, like during soccer warm ups and during fitness exercises that don't involve cutting or change of direction. And running shoes are also easily to get.

You will ascertain 4 altered types of soles on football shoes molded studs removable studs turf shoes and calm shoes.


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