The game of soccer is a team sport, which allows for team conformity and sportsmanship. These characteristics are shown through not only encouragement on the field, but through similarities in soccer gear throughout the team as well. Team uniforms are not only mandatory, but they show a sense of unity in a sport made up of individuals. The soccer cleats that the players wear allow them to continue to be team players through all sorts of weather and terrain, as the game of soccer is played indoors, outdoors,and in rain or shine.Having a pair of cheap  soccer cleats that fit a player well is quite possibly one of the most crucial items one can have when it comes to soccer gear. Not only should the shoe fit well in the length of the size, it should also fit comfortably in width. If the size of the soccer cleat feels comfortable, it's important to next check whether or not the shoe is flexible. When soccer cleat is on, as well as off the foot, it should bend and move easily and comfortably, allowing for comfortable mobility.
Different brands of soccer manufacturers make different variations of wholesale soccer cleats, as well as indoor shoes. The cleats found on the sole of the shoe can vary in size and position, and in some cases can be changed out when they become worn, and to play on different types of turf. Prices of soccer cleats can vary drastically between a cheap pair and an expensive pair, but it's truly the quality of the shoe and how it fits the player that should determine which pair is the right one for them.There are three main variations of outdoor nike soccer cleats. The first one is Firm Ground.
The soles of this shoe consist of a wide variety of cleats that are located around the edges of the shoe, as well as some in the middle of the shoe for heightened foot support. The firm ground style of soccer cleats are typically the most common shoe among soccer players, and enable the players to move with ease on most soccer fields.
The second variation of soccer shoe is the Soft Ground shoe, which contains the smallest amount of cleats on the sole of the shoe. This type of soccer shoe is generally worn when the playing conditions are wet and slippery since the absence of cleats allows the grass and mud to slide off the sole of shoe rather than getting caught.
The third most common variation of soccer shoe is the Hard Ground shoe. This type of shoe contains the most amounts of cleats on the sole of the shoe out of any other soccer shoe made. This style of soccer shoe is the lowest fitting and gives the most support to the foot out of the three most common types of soccer shoes. The Hard Ground shoe is often used for playing on artificial turf, and many of the soccer referees wear this type of shoe.
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